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Fuck yes, Natasha Lyonne
Welcome to "Fuck yes, Natasha Lyonne" a blog dedicated to this beautiful and talented actress, who right now plays Nicky Nichols on Netfix's "Orange is the new black".
Launched Dec 05, 2013
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“This idea that back then we had made a ‘gay’ movie, [Megan] was a ‘gay’ cheerleader, and now I’m a ‘gay’ prisoner … is such a glaring injustice. You would never say, ‘Oh what’s this movie about?’ ‘It’s this guy, he’s a straight lawyer and he falls for this straight doctor and they go on a straight honeymoon.’” — Natasha Lyonne speaking about But I’m A Cheerleader, Orange is the New Black, and what we really say when we call shows with LGBT characters “gay shows.” (via the Huffington Post)

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